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The Ancient Classical Texts of Chinese Medicine stressed the importance of using gems & stones for healing treatments. Stones & gems were said to have medicinal properties. Stones were used to make elixirs & tinctures for consumption, candies to suck on, as well as numerous forms of creams, powders, & the liking, used as topicals. Additionally, stones were used to make needles, later becoming metal. In acupuncture & other TCM modalities, the application of stones is used on acupuncture points & meridian trajectories, noted specifically to treat the most difficult of diseases.


Therapeutic stones, crystals & minerals may be worn, carried or ingested as an elixir. They can also be used to enhance the effects of treatments like acupuncture or acupressure.

Our ancestors understood the intrinsic & hidden potential of stones & crystals. At SHAIOM, stones & crystals are often incorporated in our treatments. Further, we offer jewelry design by Gilles Obermayer, composed for individual patients. Ask about his Five Elements jewelry collection if you are interested.

Therapeutic stones
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